The Snake River Audubon Society is a chapter of the National Audubon Society and serves members in the Upper Snake River Valley of Eastern Idaho.  Please join us for our Monthly Meetings, which are held at the Idaho Falls Public Library on the third Thursday of the month at 7:15 p.m. from September through April (except December).  Newsletters are published monthly except for July, August, and December.  During summer months, and throughout the year, we offer a variety of bird walks, field trips, and camping trips.  

Idaho Falls Area Birds
A little book you won't want to miss!

We are very proud of our little book!  We are indebted to the City of Idaho Falls for its generous support and assistance in helping us create a pocket size spiral bound bird book, Idaho Falls Area Birds, intended to introduce visitors and interested residents to our local wealth of birds.  All 112 spectacular photographs were generously provided by local photographers, and we crafted the original text.  You won't be disappointed!$10 Available at Barnes and Noble, the Zoo, the Museums, and other Idaho Falls City outlets.  Also available at the Willowtree Gallery, Eagle Rock Nursery, and Rocknak's Hardware.   And available directly from us at our meetings.  Or ask any of our Board members, Linda, Mark, Kit, Carolyn, Don or Sue, or Steve.  

Peregrine Falcon Webcam

The peregrine falcon webcam we have been involved with at the Camas National Wildlife Refuge is still on, and the microphone continues to play a soothing stream of sagebrush sounds.  Sorry to say, however, that the falcons abandoned the tower in late May.  They started off strong, and we were waiting for an egg, and then they fell apart.  We don't know why, and may never know for sure.  But we suspect the presence of a first year tercel (male falcon) may have upset the delicate dance falcons go through in reproduction.  We'll let you know if learn anything more.  The good news though is that unlike the first two seasons, the live stream performed nearly flawlessly this year.  We have to wait until we are confident there are no falcons around who might have territorial feelings about the Tower, and we'll put the camera to bed for the winter. At that time we'll look for clues in the mystery, though it is unlikely we'll turn anything up.  Check back late March next year when the birds come back.

This month's Program

An Eastern Idaho Bird Year.  January 16, 7:15 PM at the Library.  Daren Clark, one of Eastern Idaho's preeminent birders and a master at photographically capturing the environments that birds inhabit, will share with us his thoughts, illustrated by his photography, on birding Eastern Idaho.  An award winning combination.  You will not be disappointed.  

Remember!  Upcoming Member's Night photography program will be April 19, 2020.  This has become our signature and most popular program.  Get out with your camera and get some shots.  And you have all winter to pore over your photo archives for shots that have matured to the point you want to put them out there.  It's something to help the winter days go by.  

Winter Field Trips

Come to Roost At Camas National Wildlife Refuge  Saturday, February 15, 4:30 PM to Dark at the Refuge.  Sponsored by the Friends of Camas National Wildlife Refuge, with help from students of BYUI, and the Snake River Audubon Society.  This is a mid-winter treat, to see dozens of Bald Eagles coming in to roost in the cottonwoods north of Headquarters along the canal.  We congregate just west of the Refuge entrance--you won't be able to miss the crowd.  There will be people directing parking, we'll have scopes set up for viewing the birds, and there is free hot cocoa that goes very well with the occasion.  Dress warmly!

Christmas Bird Counts are in for 2019.  In spite of--or perhaps because of the unusual cold dry weather, there were some very interesting birds.  Check out the results in this month's Newsletter:


Click here to go to our Birding Resources page where you can download a copy of our Current Newsletter which contains additional information about birds and our activities.


                  Help Snake River Audubon                      

At our Board meeting last month we looked around the room, and we all agreed we haven't got any younger.  Some of us have been in that room since last century.  We are a good dedicated group and like what we are doing.  We've had a long run of excellent programs at our SRAS general meetings, and our attendance proves it.  We even have more than a year's operating expenses in the bank.  (That's not really saying much! But it's good.) 

So, we could use some help.  We're not the only game in town, but Audubon is often who people think of when they think about birds.  Being a volunteer outfit we have a hard time filling those shoes.  We could do better if we had some new blood.   We need people who want to do something for our avian friends.  We could use people who want to work with kids, people who want to learn, people with new ideas, people who want to get out doors.  

Our board meeting schedule is in our newsletter every month because it is open to all Snake River Audubon members.  Please join us to see what's going on.  We could really use your ideas.  If you want to dig in, we could use help with everything we do.  Watch the newsletter for Board meeting dates.  Let us know if you plan to attend, one of us will find a box to sit on--you can sit on a chair!

Notable Notes

Check out our Birding Resources page.  We periodically add links to items of interest to bird enthusiasts, and the latest newsletter is available there to view or download early in each month.  

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Black-capped Chickadee

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Black-capped Chickadee