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Last update February 9, 2016

The Snake River Audubon Society is a chapter of the National Audubon Society and serves members in the Upper Snake River Valley of Eastern Idaho.  Please join us for our Monthly Meetings, which are held at the Idaho Falls Public Library on the third Thursday of the month at 7:15 p.m. from September through April (except December).  Newsletters are published monthly except for July, August, and December.  During summer months, and throughout the year, we offer a variety of bird walks, field trips, and camping trips.  Let us know if you have things to donate and need someone to pick them up.  Contact


The peregrine falcon webcam on the hack tower at Camas National Wildlife Refuge is now on line, and the nest is active.  After much effort, web feed from the nest cam is now streaming to YouTube.com.  Search there for "Falcon nest Webcam live stream."  Falcons were first seen on camera April 4, and a pair was spotted the next day.  The female is now (May 11) sitting on eggs--the camera is mounted too low to tell us how many.  The camera is not set up for night viewing, and day lighting is poor at certain hours.  Now one of the pair is always on the nest.  Although a nest exchange has not yet been recorded, peregrines are known to share nest duties.  And if you watch carefully in the evening, at seemingly the last possible glimmer of light, you may see a second shadow slip into the box for the night.  

If this news makes you want to contribute to the cause, visit the Friends of Camas National Wildlife Refuge website, and navigate to the Falcon Webcam project page.  You'll find a PayPal link there.  

This month's program

No program in May.  In stead, come join us at the Idaho Falls Zoo, Saturday May 13 where Snake River Audubon will have a table set up for International Migratory Bird Day.  Stop by and help us spread the word about birds.

And the following Saturday, May 20, you can join us again to celebrate Migratory Bird Day some more at Market Lake, along with Idaho Fish and Game, the Forest Service, the BLM, the Fish and Wildlife service, and others, including, yes, a free lunch!  There is a flyer with detailed information available for download right here: on this page above left click on the Birding Resources page. Scroll down to the list of downloadable bird stuff, and find the "2017 IMBD flyer".  We hope to see you there!


Chapter Field Trips

Market Lake spring cleanup: Saturday, April 29, 9 AM.  Meet at the East Marsh parking area just north of WMA Headquarters.  Bring work gloves, hat, binoculars, and a trash bag.  We'll bird when we're done, and find a place later for lunch.

International Migratory Bird Day.  Snake River Audubon, Idaho Fish and Game, US Forest Service, National Wildlife Refuge, BLM, and NGO partners will have our event Saturday, April 29.  Event information, resources, and refreshments will be available at the Mustang Event Center in down town Roberts.  Out door events including a show by the Teton Raptor Center will center at the Gravesite on the West Marsh road a mile north of the restroom parking area.  

Check out our Birding Resources page.  We've added a few links, and the latest newsletter will be available there to view or download early in each month.  

Texas Slough Power Line Project.  Great news!  Tim and Wendy's Crowdrise campaign to fund under-grounding of high voltage lines along part of Texas slough to eliminate trumpeter swan collision deaths has succeeded, and the overhead power lines are Gone!!!  Thank you Tim and Wendy, and Thank you all for your generous donations.  Some times the magic works!

For a beautiful heart warming and wrenching image of the sagebrush we and our beloved sage grouse live in, find "The Sagebrush Sea", on line, which aired on Idaho Public TV in 2015.  Make sure you have your ears on; the sound track is as spectacular as the visuals.  This film is a game changer.

And here is a link to an exhibit at the Smithsonian American Art Museum titled "The Singing and the Silence: Birds in Contemporary Art".  Click on, "View the online gallery" to take a virtual tour.  Truly excellent.

Birds in Art at the Smithsonian Museum.

Black-capped Chickadee

Our Face Master puts up some great photos.

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Black-capped Chickadee