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Welcome to Our Chapter!

The Snake River Audubon Society is a chapter of the National Audubon Society and serves members in the Upper Snake River Valley of Eastern Idaho.  Please join us for our Monthly Meetings, which are held at the Idaho Falls Public Library on the third Thursday of the month at 7:15 p.m. from September through April (except December).  Newsletters are published monthly except for July, August, and December.  During summer months, and throughout the year, we offer a variety of bird walks, field trips, and camping trips. 

This month's program

Wintering Strategies, presented by two specialists from Idaho Fish and Game, Rob Cavallaro,  Regional Wildlife Diversity Biologist and Shane Roberts, PhD Wildlife Biologist with emphasis on wildlife ecology and management.  Rob will present an overview of wintering strategy for all types of animals, and Shane will talk specifically about mule dear wintering strategies.  Come join us to learn how the other half manages to survive the cold and dark. 

                    Northern flicker

Coming Up

Back by popular demand, our very popular Member's Night, March 19.  This is our annual meeting for members to share their best bird and nature photography from the last year.  Select a few of your favorites and plan on attending so you can tell us what we are looking at and the stories behind the shots.  We have members send their work to the Program Chair, who compiles them onto a portable drive to take to the meeting.  Contact us Snake River Audubon if you have things to share.  

Chapter Field Trips

Our field trip this month is the Eagle Count, January 10.  We'll meet 9 AM at Pond's Lodge for a hearty breakfast, then ski down the Buffalo River, across Island Park Dam and 3 miles down the Henry's Fork River counting all the eagles we see, and oh by the way all the other birds and animals as well.  It should be great snow this year.  Come join us.  Let us know you are coming by emailing us at email to Snake River Audubon

Other Activities

Greater Backyard Bird Count, February 13 to 16, 2015.  Coming up, still a ways off and a lot of winter to get through, but something to look forward to.  This is a really fun, low impact, do it your way, and useful contribution to bird science anyone can do.  I've done it while chopping wood!  It's a good excuse to get out, or to stay home in front of a picture window with a mug of cocoa.  Go to the website, GBBC.birdcount.org, for details.

Dubois Grouse Days will take place April 11 this year.  If you have never seen sage grouse dancing, this is the opportunity of your life.  Sage grouse are our North American equivalent of birds of paradise.  Grouse Days provides guided transportation to known sage grouse dance grounds, and facilities for easy observation and photography.  For details visit the website Dubois Grouse Days, or contact Jeff Liday.

If you are passionate about birds and want to be part of the action, come join us at our Monthly Board Meetings, usually the first Thursday evening of each month.  If you're interested let us know at email to Snake River Audubon, we'll send you details.


Black-capped Chickadee

Our Face Master puts up some great photos.

Check it out!


Black-capped Chickadee