A Pocket Guide to the Birds of Idaho Falls

Snake River Audubon is creating a bird book that will fit in your pocket, and we need your help.  We need your bird photos!  Below is a table with the 112 birds for which we need pictures.  Format of our book will only accommodate landscape format.  No portrait format please.

Send them to Linda: lmilam1472@aol.com with your contact information and where you took the picture.  

A note on your photos:  We are looking for local photos if possible, but there are likely some we simply won't have.  Send us what you are willing to share.  We'll let you know if we plan to use your photo and send you the permissions.  If we don't use your photos, they will go no farther than our server.  We will dispose of them and let you know.

If we select your pictures for the book, we will send you a permission form on which you certify that you took the picture and give us permission to use it for this book and for other Snake River Audubon uses.  You will always be credited whenever we use your photo.  We will provide you with a postage paid return envelope to send us your signed form.  

Check back here occasionally, as this list will be edited as our needs are met.  Birds for which we have already selected photos are shaded out. 

 18 21 14 3
 Snow gooseCooper's hawkNorthern rough-wing swallow Cassin's finch
 Canada goose
 Swainson's hawk Bank swallow House finch
 Trumpeter swan Red-tailed hawk Cliff swallow
 Red crossbill
 Gadwall Rough-legged hawk Barn swallow Common redpoll
 American wigeon American kestrel Black-capped chickadee Pine siskin
 Mallard Merlin Mountain chickadee American goldfinch
 Cinnamon teal Prairie falcon Red-breasted nuthatch House sparrow
 Northern shoveler American coot Brown creeper 
 Northern pintail   Sandhill crane House wren 
 Canvasback Killdeer Ruby-crowned kinglet Evening grosbeak
 Redhead Franklin's gull Mountain bluebird 
 Ring-necked duck Ring-billed gull Townsend's solitaire 
 Lesser scaup California gull American robin 
 Bufflehead Rock pigeon European starling 
 Common goldeneye Eurasian collared dove Bohemian waxwing 
 Barrow's goldeneye Mourning dove Cedar waxwing 
 Hooded merganser Great horned owl Yellow warbler 
 Common merganser Common nighthawk Yellow-rumped warbler 
 Ruddy duck Black-chinned hummingbird Wilson's warbler 
 Gray partridge Rufus hummingbird American tree sparrow 
 Ring-necked pheasantBelted kingfisher  Chipping sparrow 
Common loonRed-naped sapsucker  Song sparrow 
 Pied-billed grebe Downy woodpecker White-crowned sparrow 
 Eared grebe Hairy woodpecker Dark-eyed junco 
 Western grebe Northern flicker Western tanager 
 Double-crested cormorant Western kingbird Red-winged blackbird 
 White pelican Eastern kingbird Western meadowlark 
 Great blue heron Loggerhead shrike Yellow-headed blackbird 
 Black-crowned night heron Northern shrike Brewer's blackbird 
 White-faced ibis Steller's jay Brown-headed cowbird 
Turkey vulture Black-billed magpie Bullock's oriole 
 Osprey American crow Snow bunting 
 Bald eagle Common Raven Lazuli bunting 
 Northern harrier Horned lark
 Black-headed grosbeak 
 Sharp-shinned hawk Tree swallow Pine grosbeak