Local Bird Reports

Camas NWR, Saturday Sept 20, 2014

Sandhill cranes    Great blue herons   a pair of Trumpeter swans with 3 cygnets   Northern Harriers  Red tailed hawks    lesser yellowlegs   American avocet and Black necked stilts   a few peeps    Wilson's phalaropes    Eared grebes    Pied billed grebes    still a few White faced ibis     Canada geese    Mallards    Pintails    American wigeons    Mourning doves and Collared doves    Hairy and downy woodpeckers    Cinnamon teal    Ruddy ducks   Sharp shin hawk    Merlin     Marsh wrens    Tons of yellow rump warblers    Wilson's warblers    (a magnolia warbler reported on the 19th)   a Townsend's warbler    a Tennessee warbler    2 spp. of vireo    American robin    Hermit thrush and another thrush spp (?)    Ruby crowned kinglets    Oregon juncoes    White crown sparrows    Song sparrows  Lincoln's sparrows    Red winged blackbirds    Cow birds    European starlings
Pronghorns (about 15), Elk (more than 50, cows and bulls mixed not in harems yet), 2 young moose

Please let us know about the birds you see in Eastern Idaho.  Contact snakeriveraudnews@gmail.com with your sightings.  Include the date, general location, and species observed, also any interesting behaviors and a count or estimate of the numbers of birds seen.


Craters of the Moon camp out and Star Party with the IF Astronomical Society

posted Oct 8, 2014, 6:15 PM by Webmaster   [ updated Oct 8, 2014, 6:20 PM ]

The good news is it wasn't really cold...  But it did rain all night and much of Saturday as well.  And the sky was not cooperative for star gazing.  But Craters is a treat any time of year, and the rocks don't care what the weather is.  But the birds do.  Although still mild weather, there were very few birds to be seen or heard.  But scarcity makes it fun.  Join us for the Craters of the Moon Christmas Bird Count, tentatively Monday, December 15.  Contact us at,snakeriveraudweb@gmail.com or go to National Audubon for details:  http://www.audubon.org. 

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