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Welcome to Our Chapter!

Last update February 9, 2016

The Snake River Audubon Society is a chapter of the National Audubon Society and serves members in the Upper Snake River Valley of Eastern Idaho.  Please join us for our Monthly Meetings, which are held at the Idaho Falls Public Library on the third Thursday of the month at 7:15 p.m. from September through April (except December).  Newsletters are published monthly except for July, August, and December.  During summer months, and throughout the year, we offer a variety of bird walks, field trips, and camping trips.  

Field Guide to the Birds of Idaho Falls

Snake River Audubon is moving ahead with production of a pocket size spiral bound bird book to introduce visitors to our local wealth of birds.  We have a printer and funding lined up.  We do the leg work.  We are composing text and layout.  One bird per page with picture and text.  We need pictures! of all local birds.  Send us your pictures with your name as you would like it to appear with your photo, where you took the picture, and when.  This amounts to your copyright information.  Send your pictures to Linda Milam.  We can't afford to pay you, but your work will get out there, and you are doing it for the birds!  For a list of the birds we are looking for go to our "Birding Resources" page listed in the Navigation index above.  At the bottom of that page is a list of downloadable files.  The one you want is named, "Birds for the Book.pdf", and is in about the middle of the list of files.  This file may be updated as our picture database fills up.  If you have questions or difficulties call the Webmaster at 208 525-9414.  Leave a message if nobody is home.

Peregrine Falcon webcam

After its first season, the camera
 on the hack tower at Camas National Wildlife Refuge is off for the winter.  The tower was occupied by a pair of peregrine falcons from late March until August.  One or the other of the pair seems to have been sitting on eggs most of that time. But in spite of a few (perhaps wishful) hatchling sightings, no chicks materialized.  We checked the nest platform in late October and found no evidence of failed eggs or hatchlings, and nothing suspicious.  We are at a loss.  This activity is a learning experience for all of us.  Check back in early March.  We should have the camera live and on-line before the falcons are back.  Be the first to spot them!

Chapter Field Trips

Trumpeter Swans and early migrants, 3 PM Saturday, March 17.  Meet in on the south end of the parking lot at the Idaho Falls Walmart on Utah Ave.  We'll car pool if people want then convoy north on farm roads in the direction of Mud Lake.  Hard to say exactly where we'll go, depending on where our recon sources say the birds are.  You can come and go as you please.  Call 208 525-9414 if you have questions or want additional information.

Christmas Bird Counts

It was a good year for CBC's.  (But can there be a "bad" year?). Rexburg beat out Idaho Falls by 5 species, 7 if you include Count Week birds. (71 vs 64). Craters of the Moon was almost frozen out with only 4 species. (But that's the fun of that count.  Sometimes a crow is a good bird there!).  Howe did pretty well with 45 species (46 Count Week).  The most surprising thing there was 45--yes count 'em--45 long eared owls!  Check our newsletter for details (you can download a copy right here from our Birding Resources (next page).
This Month's Program

Member's Night...Thursday, March 15, 7:15 PM at the Public Library on Broadway.  This has been the highlight of the program season the last few years.  Linda has received a stack of cool pictures.  Come prepared to challenge your birding skills, and have your mind boggled by some great captures.


Check out our Birding Resources page.  We've added a few links, and the latest newsletter will be available there to view or download early in each month.  

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Black-capped Chickadee

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Black-capped Chickadee