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Birding Resources

Other Birding Resources

Books & Links & stuff:

Buteo Books:

2731 Arrington Rd.
Arrington, VA 22922

Web link: Buteo Books. A great resource for serious birders and ornithologists. Check out the new listing, "The Black Swift in Idaho, and Biography of Earl J Larrison," By JW Weber, a local Idaho naturalist.

Heart warming stuff online:

For a beautiful heart warming and wrenching image of the sagebrush we and our beloved sage grouse live in, find "The Sagebrush Sea", on line, which aired on Idaho Public TV in 2015. Here's a link: The Sagebrush-Sea on PBS. Make sure you have your ears on; the sound track is as spectacular as the visuals. This film is a game changer. PS: (September 2019). This video is not currently on the Net, but we're looking for a copy to post--or do some searching on your own. If you find it, let us know).

And here is a link to an exhibit at the Smithsonian American Art Museum titled "The Singing and the Silence: Birds in Contemporary Art". Click on, "View the online gallery" to take a virtual tour. Truly excellent. Birds in Art at the Smithsonian Museum.

Here's a cute link to some European flavored bird resources: Birdwatching stuff for homeowners

An excellent resource for planting for backyard birds, and other things: Angies list stuff for your backyard birds

Here's a fun link provided by one of our followers - a Feather Atlas from the Fish and Wildlife Service. Very interesting.


Kea: Learn birds through play. A learning tool being developed to learn birds through games. Available from the App Store. They're hoping to make this a globally applicable birding tool.

Downloadable files:

Here is brief description of downloadable files alphabetically listed in the table below:

For more information about the Snake River Audubon Society, you can download the "...newsletter.pdf.pdf" file of our most recent Snake River Audubon monthly Newsletter from the table of downloadable files below. Or, for $10 join up, and we'll send you the current newsletter every month hot off the press, you'll stay current, and the dough would help us a lot. Information on how to join SRAS and/or NAS is on the back page of the Newsletter. Paper copy is the default delivery method. You should specify electronic delivery only if that's your preference.

Bird list for "Common Birds of Craters of the Moon." Birds we are seeking photographs of for a new pamphlet. (See the Home page for details). File name is: CoM bird list PDF.pdf

"Birdathon.pdf" is instructions and signup sheet for the May, 2019 Birdathon. See our Home page for more information

Christmas Bird Counts from Idaho Falls and Howe, ID, December, 2018, files listed as "Bird List IF CBC-2018.pdf.pdf" and "Howe, ID CBC 2018 pdf.pdf"

World Migratory Bird Day at Market Lake WMA. Saturday, May 18, 2019. "WMBD May 18, 2019.pdf"

The file "IDIF.jpg" below is a screen shot of a Google Earth view of the Idaho Falls Christmas Count circle.

The Texas Slough Swan Safe Power Line Project (pdf) contains links to additional information and how to to make a contribution. This is a way for you to make a big difference for these swans.

The Idaho Bird Inventory and Survey is a document produced by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game is a compendium of reports from field work on Idaho birds in 2014. The Inventory and Survey gives a good snapshot of the state of birds in Idaho and the level of commitment to conservation and management by a group of dedicated professionals.

The Bird Identification Brochure was designed as an easy guide with color pictures of some of the more common birds at Camas National Wildlife Reffuge--great for birding with kids.

The IF Birding Checklist 2018.pdf is a compilation of birds seen around Idaho Falls, with a key what time of year and how common they are here, a must have for visitors.

Here is a link to the Beginner's Guide to Birdwatching by HomeAdvisor provided to us by a young birding enthusiast. This is an excellent resource, not just for beginners either!

Click here to go to that website: Beginning Birding resources.

Here's another link, this one to a comprehensive yet simple introductory guide to birding, "The Three Musketeers Guide": Could be useful in a classroom setting, or summer camp environment.

"web SRAS logo.jpg" is a small size Snake River Audubon logo that may be downloaded for public distribution. A higher resolution copy is available on request by emailing [email protected] . Specify resolution desired.