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This may be an opportunity for some first hand field experience. See the note below from Matthew Ward, manager at The Nature Conservancy Flat Ranch preserve at the Henry's Lake outlet north of Island Park. If you would like to help contact Snake River Audubon.


Dear Friends and Supporters,

In 2014, The Nature Conservancy, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and the Intermountain Bird Observatory teamed up to launch a study on long-billed curlews in eastern Idaho, specifically around the Conservancy’s Flat Ranch Preserve in Island Park. Our knowledge about what curlews do once they leave Idaho is extremely poor. The Flat Ranch Preserve and Henry’s Lake Flat support one of the largest known populations of breeding long-billed curlews in Eastern Idaho. Last year you helped us raise enough money to track one female curlew from the Flat Ranch to her winter grounds on a small peninsula south of Puerto Penasco, Mexico. In order for us to better understand North America’s largest shorebird and gather more information we need your support to help purchase an additional satellite transmitter so we can help answer some basic questions and ensure that we have the necessary information to initiate a plan to conserve curlews across the US, Canada and Mexico.

Checks can be made payable to The Nature Conservancy and sent to 151 N. Ridge Ave. Suite 110, Idaho Falls, ID 83402.


Thanks for your support.


Matthew Ward

Snake River Audubon does two Christmas bird counts each year: one around Idaho Falls, and the other around Howe, Idaho, 45 miles northwest of Idaho Falls.  Refer to the November newsletter for details.  Click on the “Bird Reports” tab above to see some previous year's data.

To join the National Audubon Society as well as the Snake River Audubon Society, please click on the link below and enter G02 (G-zero-2) in the drop-down menu to select Snake River Audubon Society as your local chapter.

Join the National Audubon Society

If you don't wish to join National Audubon but still want to act locally for birds, you can join the Snake River Audubon Society by sending a check for $10 with your name, mailing address, and email address (if you would like to receive the News Letter, announcements, and reminders by email) to:

Snake River Audubon Society
P. O. Box 2922
Idaho Falls, ID 83403-2922